Narvik – the renewable energy cluster.

Narvik is the hometown for the cluster for renewable energy of the north, and that means good conditions for proper recruitment:

  • Fresh and up-to-date expertise directly from the university and other schools.
  • From already established and experienced people.

This cluster of energy consist of: 

  • A wide range of businesses.
  • Education and research institutions.
  • Energy authorities located in Narvik.
  • Good networks between these actors.

Between 800 and 1,000 employed in the cluster (2017).


Northern Norway and industry expertise
Norway and Northern Norway has hosted power-intensive industry for decades. The Norwegian hydropower resources have historically attracted energy intensive industry since the early nineteen-hundreds due to production surplus, low power prices and stable grid system. The industry stands for about 30% (~37 TWh) of the national consumption. The Norwegian business society and the local governments are therefore used to doing business with foreign investors. Only in the county of Nordland, where majority of our sites are located, has several international energy intensive industries with a combined power consumption of ~6 TWh.


Growing data center industry and expertise
Both Norway and the Nordics are experiencing a large growth of both national and international DC players. Several cloud and hyperscale companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, AWS, and Apple have made major investments in Nordic data centres recently, in addition to a growing number of Co-Los and HPC players. 

In addition to a common labour market together with the EU, the Nordics have much in common in their way of life, history, religion and social structure, making it easy for people to work all around the Nordics.